Key takeaways from 600Minutes Executive IT, Sweden

600 minutes

Last week we attended 600Minutes Executive IT in Stockholm. The event gathers +300 CIO:s and IT Executives from the 500 biggest companies in Sweden.

The event is organized annually by Management Events with the purpose to help leaders find best possible partners for their projects. The mission is to attract influential business people in one place to let them discuss about their common interests, and build ground for new business opportunities and sustainable partnerships.

IFS were there with three representatives challenging those leaders in how they enable change and prepare for what’s next with help from the enterprise software.

As you can imagine, with a room full of that knowledge, there was much of debates with many engaging conversations on how to be successful in i.e artificial intelligence, leadership and digitalization.

Here, Olle Alvemark from IFS shares his 3 key takeaways from the event:

  1. Digitalization is not equal to Digitization. Digitalization is more about human behaviors and the changes in the way we live and work through usage of digital technologies. Digitization tells us about the transformation in the process and changes we need to do in order to go fully digital.
    Is 1+1=2? Maybe. At least it is important to think of both when setting up your strategy.

  2. Artificial intelligence – We are not talking about future anymore. Real examples and implementations are here!
  3. Security– still one of the most pressing issues among CIO’s. We cannot let this one go, it has to be considered in everything we do.

As moderator of the event they had invited the CIO of Saab; Mats Hultin. Here is his view of the day: “Many inspiring speakers! Human motivators connected to trends in digitalization that Ashkan Fardost told us about was absolutely something new and fresh to me.

The day was a good mix; from leadership and our capabilities to lead the digital change to agile development and politicians responsibility. Overall a good day where I met both new and existing business connections.

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