Maintenance & Support


Globally IFS promotes a comprehensive and flexible maintenance and support offering. This includes services that are designed for large multinational companies with well-equipped IT departments as well as small and medium sized companies requiring more comprehensive support services.

The key benefits of IFS Maintenance and Support

  • Maximized availability and uptime
  • Improved business advantages and total cost of ownership
  • Efficient communication, analysis and case handling
  • Flexible approach to additional support service

IFS Support-Division of responsibilities

IFS Support delivers a blend of local knowledge and experience, backed up by global resources, R&D and industry experts — all working with the customer as one team using the same tools and processes.

Maintenance and Support service

IFS promotes a global, unified support offering based on each customer’s unique requirements.  We offer our customers the option of total control of supporting their own installation, or subscribing to IFS Support and adding additional support services as needed.

Maintenance and support services

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IFS Support Operations

Maintenance and support is provided by IFS’s global support network backed up by regional service centers, IFS Research and Development (R&D), IFS consulting organizations and IFS partners.

IFS Support