IFS Touch Apps: Seamless Business Management Applications

One of our goals with IFS Touch Apps was to make it easy for you to get going. And what better way to start than to try the apps for free. No contract needed. No money to pay. Just download and try.

When you first load an IFS Touch App you will be offered to use it in "Try me" mode. When you accept this you will have a fully functional version of the app. Some apps also come loaded with sample data so that you quickly get a feel for how the app would work.


Here's how to try IFS Touch Apps on Android phones.

  • On your phone, start the "Google Play" application
  • Search for "pub:IFS"
  • Select the app you want try
  • Click "Install" and accept the permissions. Wait for the download and installation to complete.
  • Open the application and select the "Try It" button 


Here's how to try IFS Touch Apps on iPhones.

  • On your iPhone, start the "AppStore" application
  • Search for "IFS Corporation"
  • Select the app you want to try
  • Click "Install" and accept the permissions. Wait for the download and installation to complete.
  • Open the application and select "Try It" mode on the logon page

IFS Sales Companion is the ideal CRM app for you as a sales rep or manager to manage your customer and supplier accounts, activities, contacts and opportunities in the Sales & Marketing component of IFS Applications.

Key features include integration of activities into your phone's calendar, integration with on board map application to view account and contact locations, direct dialing and e-mailing from contacts. IFS Sales Companion works offline with automatic synchronization with IFS Sales & Marketing in the background.

Sales Companion

IFS Notify Me tells you when there are new business events requiring your attention and action. The notifications are shown in a single unified list where you can view details and take action such as Approving or Authorizing immediately. Additional features include possibility to Follow Up at a later time up by creating a reminder task in IFS Applications, and calling or e-mailing the relevant contact person directly from within IFS Notify Me.

In its current version IFS Notify Me will notify you about new purchase requisitions, purchase orders, supplier invoices, and travel expenses waiting for your authorization.

Have a look; wouldn’t this make you more efficient?

Notify Me

Trip Tracker lets you manage your expense, mileage, and deductions reporting while you're traveling.

Eliminate the post-travel pile of admin work, raise the quality of your data, and get the money in your pocket faster

Trip Tracker

IFS Time Tracker lets you report and confirm worked time, as well as viewing the current time reporting status. Current status is shown at a glance in the monthly overview, and shortcuts makes the daily time reporting a quick and easy. In its current version IFS Time Tracker application handles reporting of worked time on projects as well as deviances such as overtime and absence.

Many of you make good use of the Quick Reports concept in IFS Applications to create and share your own reports. IFS Quick Reports lets you run and view quick reports from IFS Applications on your smartphone.

In its current version IFS Quick Reports can run reports of SQL Statements.

IFS Quick Facts lets you quickly look-up just about anything in IFS Applications. Type in a word or two to search all indexed locations and drill down to detail information about the object you are looking for. In addition to the indexed data, the detail views show any configured Information Cards for the object as well as any media items attached to it through the media library.

IFS Support Companion makes it easy to track your open support cases in IFS Support Center. You can view the cases either by category or by importance. You can also write to the case journal and in such case change the case focus.

The IFS Warehouse Data Collection solution has been developed to meet the demands of businesses who want a one-stop-shop solution for their warehouse operations.

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IFS Touch Apps is a series of Smartphone apps for Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms. 

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