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2019 Q1 Update

First Quarter (January–March 2019)

  • License revenue amounted to SKr 295 million (Q1 '18: SKr 177 million), an increase of 67 percent (57 percent in constant currency).
  • Maintenance revenue was SKr 448 million (Q1 '18: SKr 382 million), an improvement of 17 percent (11 percent in constant currency).
  • Consulting revenue amounted to SKr 512 million (Q1 '18: SKr 411 million), an increase of 25 percent (18 percent in constant currency).
  • Net revenue totaled SKr 1,410 million (Q1 '18: SKr 1,091 million), an improvement of 29 percent (22 percent in constant currency).
  • Adjusted EBITDA was SKr 259 million (Q1 '18: SKr 153 million), an improvement of 69 percent (65 percent in constant currency).

Q1 2019 press release

Our customer obsession continues to drive our financial results as we once more massively outpace the market, and our numbers speak for themselves. As the fastest growing ERP company of scale, we are well positioned to capture a much bigger piece of the market in 2019 and beyond. Customers no longer accept the annual audits, the made-up compliance tricks, or the upgrade ultimatums, which have become the new normal. Quite simply, customers are realizing IFS is a better alternative.

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