Partner benefits

Why partner with IFS? Here are just a few reasons

  • Enjoy a partnership that delivers clear accountability, increased market visibility, and measurable results.
  • Stand out as a company that provides its customers with user-friendly solutions that enhance productivity and increase ROI.
  • Benefit from our more than 30 years of industry expertise and global reach with a strong regional presence.
  • Choose from a variety of partnership opportunities that suit specific focus areas, including services, channel, software, etc.
  • Choose the level of commitment that suits your business, from far-reaching global partnerships to local, industry-specific collaborations.
  • Grow your business by developing new sales opportunities with established IFS customers and work with us to identify new joint customers.
  • Enjoy superior sales and marketing enablement support, technical services and training and certification opportunities.

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Program Authorized Silver Gold Platinum

IFS partners can promote their partnership and expertise by displaying the corresponding IFS Partner Network logos on their websites, advertisements and other approved marketing materials. Certified individuals will be given a logo that they can use on business cards and/or email signatures. The guidelines for the appropriate uses of the logo are available on the IFS Partner Network Portal.

IFS has a designated Partner Network Office, which all partners can access for general inquiries and guidance. We guarantee a quick response time to help partners provide excellent customer service and to stay ahead of their competition. Platinum and Gold level partners have a dedicated team working with them at a regional, and for some partners, global level.

Work with a Partner Manager to produce a joint business plan that contains key performance indicators (KPIs) and a clear set of objectives for how to achieve these. Our dedicated partner resources will help execute the marketing programs and make the most of budgets while yielding maximum results.

Business reviews provide a health check for a partner's projections, assess activity and track progress toward mutual KPIs. Here we can address any challenges that may hinder a partner's efforts and adjust the business plans accordingly, working closely together to drive key initiatives and continue to increase net new product and services growth. Platinum Partners are also asked to schedule an annual executive review due to the level of contribution and commitment.


IFS partners will receive access to the IFS Partner Network Portal, a centralized online portal that provides partners with the tools needed to be successful when aligning with IFS. Here you can access our sales and marketing library, learn about the IFS Academy, and much more. The portal is designed to grant access to all of the IFS resources that our internal teams use on a daily basis, allowing for seamless collaboration. This site is accessible via


  • Contact Information
  • Data Sheets
  • Industry-specific Materials
  • Marketing/Media
  • IFS Academy
Marketing, Sales Authorized Silver Gold Platinum

Gain recognition and demonstrate commitment to IFS by displaying your company logo and value proposition on Visibility on this level will help your organization reach more IFS customers and prospects. The "Find a Partner" capabilities enable visitors to find a company by partner type, region, industry and accreditations.

Highlight your organization's strengths with a partner profile on This allows you to provide an in-depth overview of your company and a spotlight section to display your IFS partner type/level designation, certifications, regional coverage and core competencies. You can also link this to your corporate website.

The IFS Referral Program provides partners the opportunity to earn revenue for each referral prospect they submit who becomes an IFS customer. The registration form can be found on the IFS Partner Portal. We strongly advise you to utilize this service to gain early support and to reduce the risk of conflict when multiple partners are involved or if IFS is already actively engaged with the customer. Once a lead is approved and the appropriate next steps have been discussed with the dedicated Partner Manager, we will work with you every step of the way to bring this opportunity to a successful close.

Empowering our partners with training for sales and pre-sales. This training is meant to provide a basic overview of the IFS story and portfolio of solutions. This allows a sales executive or engineer at any level to identify an opportunity and enlist the right resources to begin the sales cycle.


IFS provides partners with opportunities for customized marketing content. Save time by automating your marketing efforts with IFS. Take advantage of our lead generation capabilities and extensive social media network to increase sales.

What's new? IFS wants to keep you informed of the latest products, promotions, and events. IFS’s corporate communications are distributed via the Partner Portal, partner newsletters, IFS Partner Network LinkedIn, Twitter and This enables you to stay up-to-date on the latest IFS news and information on multiple platforms. Press releases are sent out periodically to announce new partnerships and are subject to approval. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are also used to educate customers on the unique offerings that our partner ecosystem can offer. Case studies are crucial for IFS and its partners to validate the value that they add while also providing a library of references that can be used on future projects. We have over 2,400 unique customers worldwide who have come to rely on IFS's scalable solutions to enable them to respond quickly to market changes and use resources in a more agile way to achieve improved business performance.


IFS wants to help create profitable partnerships. IFS is willing to match some of the costs of lead-generating or joint marketing activities that have been approved for partners in our exclusive IFS Partner Network. Throughout the year we also host our own trade shows and often invite partners to participate (shared cost) depending on the industry and partner level. Any of these activities should be included in the annual business plan that is developed with your dedicated IFS counterparts.


Members of the IFS Partner Network are invited to attend and/or sponsor specific IFS customer and sales events. Partners can interact with customers who need complex solutions while strengthening alliances with the IFS sales organization and complementary partners. Throughout the year, IFS also organizes events targeted to specific partner tiers or partners with specialized industry experience.

Product, Service, Support Authorized Silver Gold Platinum

With investment from the partner, there are opportunities to ensure consistent support and testing requirements on the IFS suite. This is to help partners amplify their effectiveness in the marketplace when working with IFS Applications.


IFS partners' use of the training and demo database is for internal end-user training and prospective end-customer demonstration only. Additional fees may apply.


IFS Academy delivers training for technicians, developers and consultants working with IFS Applications so that partners are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to ensure customers realize the most value from IFS Applications. It is important to work with the Partner Manager and IFS Academy to ensure that training plans are a part of the yearly business plans. Discounts vary based on partner tier.


IFS Academy Learning Center provides knowledge paths: E-learning modules. This is open to all who have an IFS Academy Learning Center login.


A comprehensive software development kit (SDK) and supporting documentation will be provided once specific certification requirements are met. We want to encourage your developers to create applications using our platform; this can also be leveraged as a marketing tool. Additional fees, documentation and certifications may apply.


Executive briefing sessions enable IFS and our most strategic partners to develop a more complete picture of how to deliver value to IFS customers. These partners also get to learn how IFS can be a more strategic partner and help them achieve the results they desire.


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