Digital Twins

A digital twin is an exact digital representation of something in the real world, often visualized as a 3D model. In the 1960s, NASA was already thinking about the challenge of how to work with assets that you can’t see or touch. Discover what’s new to digital twins.


Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is opening up new vistas of opportunity in the world of business. Imagine field service technicians using smart glasses to complete onsite assignments or casual users signing off on purchase orders using their smart watches.

Wearable Technology

Intelligent Autonomous Assistants

With the announcement of the IFS Aurena Bot, chat bots inside IFS products are a fact. But, what’s next? Speech interaction, voice-controlled applications? Where does the world of artificial intelligence (AI) meet user interaction? Or, perhaps, integrating the world of chat bots with smart glasses? Either way, there are many interesting subjects remaining to be researched.

Autonomous Assistants

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence speaks to the imagination. Is it humanity’s downfall or just another opportunity to improve our business by leveraging technology? IFS Labs is always looking for the additional innovative angle in technology.



Blockchain, known as the technology behind Bitcoin, is one of the most talked-about and intriguing technologies at the moment. Blockchain, similar to the rising of the internet, has the potential to disrupt business. IFS Labs is researching the potential use-cases for business and their impact on business applications.


IFS Labs success stories

IFS Labs research has taken us into some exciting new fields. The outcome is a range of innovative solutions that define the cutting edge of IFS’s software: IFS Aurena Bot, IFS IoT Business Connector, IFS Streams and many more. Learn more about our successes here.