Software for Onshore Oilfield Service Providers

The success of any onshore oilfield service operation is dependent upon effective management of the countless moving pieces involved in the enterprise. IFS enterprise software solutions provide the management, tracking and reporting capabilities needed to keep your onshore oilfield service company functioning at peak performance.

Real-Time Management of Key Assets

By nature, the oilfield service industry is heavily reliant on key equipment, or assets. Conducting meticulous maintenance to protect mission-critical equipment such as drilling rigs, trucks or heavy machinery is the only way to avoid the costs of downtime and premature replacement of the asset. IFS solutions provide the power you need to manage key assets from cradle to the grave and ensure uninterrupted operations.

Detailed Field Service Management

Optimal performance of field repair and maintenance services requires management of a variety of details. Technician schedules, part availability and customer requests all must be managed to ensure the effectiveness of your field service operations. IFS solutions boast extensive capabilities, including mobile scheduling, GPS monitoring and resource tracking, make it the industry leading solution for oil and gas field service operations.

Streamlined Invoicing and Reporting

Managing the financial aspects of onshore oilfield service operations is a challenge for any size business. Recording completed projects for invoicing purposes, tracking parts purchases and managing incoming payments are all crucial processes to ensure the financial health of your purchases. IFS solutions offer integrated financial and project management capabilities designed to streamline these processes and reduce the potential for monetary losses resulting from subpar record keeping.

Powerful Management for All Aspects of Oilfield Service Operations

IFS solutions offer the flexibility and power needed to address the many aspects of oil and gas recovery and field service operations. We are uniquely suited to address the various needs of complex oil and gas operations, regardless of size and scope.

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WHITE PAPER: Three Oilfield Service Problems and How to Solve them with Mobile Software

In this whitepaper, we will discuss three frequently cited problems faced by oilfield service companies and how they may be addressed by enterprise service management (ESM) software for field service management (FSM), enterprise asset management (EAM) and depot repair.

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