Бізнес-рішення для цивільної авіації

Commercial Airline Software & MRO Solutions
Ринок технічного обслуговування та підтримки цивільної авіації змінюється з великою швидкістю. IFS розробив рішення з такими можливостями, які охоплюють усі аспекти життєвого циклу повітряних суден, двигунів та інших комплектуючих.

IFS Applications підтримує галузь цивільної авіації, пропонуючи унікальне комплексне рішення, яке охоплює усі види ремонту та технічного обслуговування.

  • Управління парком техніки та основними фондами
  • Капітальний ремонт
  • Технічне обслуговування та ремонт складних конструкцій
  • Технічне обслуговування та ремонт компонентів
  • Управління ефективністю підприємтсва (CPM)
  • Управління ланцюгом поставок та складом
  • Технічне обслуговування та ремонт (MRO)

Maintenance planning and execution

IFS Maintenix gives organizations the ability to run maintenance operations in real-time, with accurate configuration management and effective planning across multiple fleets. The power of IFS's best-of-breed Maintenix product sits in its ability to define and manage the asset hierarchies that create 'as designed' and 'as supported' configuration baselines. Real-time validations ensure that an aircraft's actual 'as maintained' configuration complies with the engineering rules defined in its baseline.

IFS software provides maintenance and execution with critical capabilities to plan, coordinate and execute a secure 360-degree operational maintenance program:

  • Heavy maintenance production planning and control
  • Line maintenance planning and execution
  • Comprehensive work packaging
  • Tool and resource management
  • Material and parts management
  • Component repair and shop manufacturing

Business support

IFS Applications provides a single, enterprise-wide product formed of modular components that delivers enterprise breadth from HR and finance to supply chain, logistics and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO).

IFS Applications allows you to benefit from:

  • Smart scheduling of routine maintenance tasks and quick decision-making to minimize aircraft downtime
  • Automatic reminders and easy record-keeping that ensures regulatory compliance
  • Optimized maintenance yields and improved inventory management
  • Efficient, real-time collaboration with customers and suppliers
  • Integrated MRO and fleet management
  • Intelligent business process management for smarter end-to-end operations
  • Visual insight, decision support and execution at enterprise level
  • Predictive analytics for enterprise-wide scenario planning

Operate a leaner, more productive organization while realizing business goals faster with enterprise software that grows with you.


Airline planners face daily challenges. The first is to reduce maintenance costs and optimize resource utilization across short and long-term horizons. Then, there is the requirement to come up with answers to support strategic growth initiatives.

By introducing better planning capabilities, operators can make the most of the resources they have. Modern tools help meet the end goal of being able to cost effectively service aircraft and to generate the most revenue out of each aircraft. IFS has solutions to help.


What's next

The future of commercial aviation is digital. Being able to handle today's business challenges is important and shaping what's next is crucial to growth and continued success. For aviation organizations to adapt to a transition in business models and prepare for what's next in the unpredictable market, embracing digital transformation on a secure platform is imperative. IFS's modular architecture supports your transformational journey with innovate solutions that include the IFS IoT Business Connector™ and advanced analytics. IFS helps organizations to leverage the latest technology, preparing them for the future of commercial aviation.

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