20 September 2013 р.

Sri Lanka's number one fashion retailer ODEL selects IFS Applications 8

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that ODEL, Sri Lanka’s best-known fashion and lifestyle retailer, has selected IFS Applications™ 8 to manage its entire retail chain. Through real-time data access, enhanced inventory management, and improved plan and forecast capabilities, the standard IFS solution will help ODEL adapt its operations to customer needs.

One of Sri Lanka’s most popular brands, ODEL  retails ready-made garments, homeware, and other accessories. By enabling real-time data access across the organization, IFS Applications 8 will allow ODEL to seamlessly integrate online and offline sales channels. The solution will also provide enhanced inventory management, increased sell-through rates, as well as advanced forecast and plan capabilities including size levels and color schemes.

The solution will be deployed across 18 sites nationwide—bringing a number of benefits across Odel’s retail operations. Among other benefits, ODEL will gain better visibility of its supply chain, enabling the company to better plan and react to changing consumer trends, replenish items, and increase bottom line profit.  

“After an intensive evaluation process, including all top ERP vendors and products, we selected IFS,” ODEL Founder and CEO Otara Gunawardene said. “IFS suited our business needs of today and the future and  we look forward to  working closely together in the months ahead.”

“We are pleased to welcome Odel to the IFS customer community and to strengthen our relationship with the leading fashion retailer in Sri Lanka,” IFS South Asia Vice President Jayantha De Silva said. “Our solution will help the company to plan and manage its supply chain—all the way to its stores. It will allow Odel to combine online and offline sales seamlessly, managing retail inventory to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.”

About ODEL

ODEL PLC (ODEL), one of the nation's largest fashion, apparel and cosmetics retailers having strong brand presence in Sri Lanka. ODEL stores offer a broad selection of merchandise and feature products from both local and exclusive international brand sources. The Company operates 17 stores where the flagship store is located in the heart of Colombo and the rest spanning within the multiple districts within the country. ODEL is listed with the Colombo Stock exchange.

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About IFS

IFS™is a public company (XSTO: IFS) founded in 1983 that develops, supplies, and implements IFS Applications™, a component-based extended ERP suite. IFS focuses on industries where management of any of the following four core processes is strategic: service & asset, manufacturing, supply chain, and projects. The company has 2,100 customers and is present in approximately 60 countries with 2,800 employees in total. Net revenue in 2012 was SKr 2.7 billion.

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