25 September 2013 р.

Nomination committee for the annual general meeting 2014

The annual general meeting (AGM) of IFS held on March 26, 2013, resolved to establish a nomination committee for the AGM 2014, based on the ownership structure on August 30, 2013, that shall consist of a representative of the largest shareholder in the company, a representative of each of the two largest institutional shareholders in the company, a representative of the founders of the company, and the chairman of the board. The representative of the principal owner of the company shall convene and chair the nomination committee unless the members agree otherwise.

In the share register held by Euroclear Sweden AB on August 30, 2013, and taking into account owner groups, the largest shareholder in the company was Förvaltnings AB Wasatornet and the two largest institutional shareholders in the company were Lannebo Fonder and Catella Capital. These have each appointed a representative who, along with a representative of the founders of the company and the chairman of the board, will constitute the nomination committee of IFS.

Members of the nomination committee:

  • Gustaf Douglas, Förvaltnings AB Wasatornet, chairman of the nomination committee
  • Lars Bergkvist, Lannebo Fonder
  • Ulf Strömsten, Catella Capital
  • Bengt Nilsson, for the founders
  • Anders Böös, chairman of the board of IFS

The members of the nomination committee together represent approximately 55 percent of the votes for all shares in the company. The nomination committee shall prepare and present proposals for resolution at the annual general meeting 2014 in the following issues:

  • the chairman of the AGM;
  • the chairman of the IFS board and other directors;
  • directors’ fees and other remuneration to the board members including fees for committee work;
  • auditors’ fees;
  • nomination for election of auditors; and
  • procedures for establishing a nomination committee and issues pertaining thereto for the AGM 2015.

The annual general meeting of IFS will be held on Wednesday, March 26, 2014, in Stockholm, Sweden. Shareholders who would like to submit proposals to the nomination committee of IFS should do so, no later than Wednesday, January 22, 2014:

  • via e-mail to nomination.committee@ifsworld.com or
  • by letter to IFS AB, Att: Nomination Committee, Lindhagensgatan 116, SE-112 51 Stockholm, Sweden.

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