22 August 2014 р.

China Jiangsu Ligang Electric Energy Group announces upgrade to IFS Applications 8

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, today announced that Jiangsu Ligang Electric Energy Group, which owns one of the largest coal power generation plants in Jiangsu Province, China, will upgrade toIFS Applications™8 as an integrated ERP solution to enhance enterprise management capability and maximize profit.

  • IFS Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution helps to improve equipment reliability and reduce maintenance costs;
  • Greater efficiency and enhanced market competitiveness with the integrated IFS platform
  • Foundation for future use of BI, mobility and cloud computing with IFS advanced technology

An IFS customer since 2002, Jiangsu Ligang Electric Energy Group has ambitious growth plans. To further optimize resources, create more collaboration among business units, and enable Jiangsu Ligang Electric Energy Group to become more agile and adapt to market change faster, the company decided to upgrade to IFS Applications 8. This will provide the company with the advanced technology to improve business efficiency, enhance market competitiveness while building the foundation for future implementation of business intelligence, mobility and cloud computing. Now employees will have access to IFS Applications remotely through different mobile devices to process inventory management, equipment inspection management, and sales management.

“Deploying IFS Applications 8 will enable us to consolidate company resources more effectively, strenghthen and centralize information across our subsidiaries, and maximize business performance,” said Li Yajun, Chairman of the Board at Jiangsu Ligang Electric Energy Group. “We believe that upgrading to IFS Applications 8 is a wise choice for our long-term business strategy to enhance our market competitiveness.”

“We’re very honored that Jiangsu Ligang Electric Energy Group chose IFS as its strategic IT partner and continues its growth trajectory with IFS Applications supporting its core business processes,” said Raymond Lam, Managing Director, IFS Greater China. “IFS has many decades of experience within the energy and utilities industry, and by working with leading companies such as Ligang, we continue to deliver best-practice industry solutions to reinforce our leading position in the global energy and utilities industry.”

About Jiangsu Ligang Electric Energy Group

Jiangsu Ligang Electric Energy Group Jiangsu Ligang Electric Energy Group is a major energy group, covering the business areas of power generation, coal processing, logistics, and distribution. With power generation as its core business, the company’s subsidiary, Jiangsu Ligang electric power plant, has eight units with a total installed capacity closed to 4000MW, which is one of the largest coal power plants in Jiangsu province, China.

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