16 October 2012 р.

Wise before the event—new 360 Scheduling module released

IFS™, the global enterprise applications company, has released a new module in its 360 Scheduling product line. The new ‘What If Scenario Explorer’ (WISE) models and predicts the future performance of mobile field service in three dimensions—resources available/needed, forecast workload (demand) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Different resource and demand profiles can be combined into a single investigation and the power of the Dynamic Scheduling Engine is used to rapidly evaluate and explore different options. The authoritative insights of planned or anticipated changes lead to enhanced decision-making through better knowledge, and reduced business risk from a deeper understanding of sensitivities and variations in the scenario.

A part of the IFS 360 Scheduling product suite, WISE enables users to quickly answer questions such as;

  • What resources will I need to service a new contract?
  • How many staff are required, with which skills, and where?
  • How can I improve my Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance and satisfy more customers?

Presented as a workspace in the iSWB workbench, the data and results are visualized in the map view which is overlaid with resource locations and ‘hot spots’, showing high densities of activity. Manual tests can be defined and run, or the automated goal-seeking option used to produce a set of different results that represent the different scenarios explored. Results are also available in tabular report form and can be exported to tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Early adopter implementations will start in Q1 2013.

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IFS is a public company (OMX STO: IFS) founded in 1983 that develops, supplies, and implements IFS Applications™, a component-based extended ERP suite built on SOA technology. IFS focuses on industries where any of four core processes are strategic: Service & asset management, manufacturing, supply chain and projects. The company has 2,000 customers and is present in approximately 60 countries with 2,800 employees in total. Net revenue in 2011 was SKr 2.6 billion.
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