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IFS Applications supports production in Materne Polska

Materne Polska, a fruit processing company, has implemented IFS Applications to streamline its operations.
Operating in the Polish market since 1992, Materne Polska specializes in the production of jam and deep-frozen food products, processing 15,000 tons of fruit per year in its modern plant. Since 2008, the company has used IFS Applications to support its management processes.

Materne Polska had been using a legacy ERP system since 2000. However, its functionality did not cover its production processes, which caused problems with order fulfillment. Other reasons for the decision to replace the Materne Polska’s ERP system included lack of support from the vendor and the inability to adjust the system to the changing legal environment.

The company’s board made a decision to implement a modern ERP system in 2006. The main objectives were to facilitate management of production output versus cost of production, and a complete integration between production and logistics.

IFS Applications was selected based on such factors as: system functionality, excellent post-implementation support, and the fact that Materne Polska would be purchasing their enterprise software from the same company that developed it rather than through a reseller.

“Streamlined production is the main benefit for us” Materne Polska CFO Jolanta Żuber said. “Previously, it was the only area not covered by the IT system. Today, we have up-to-date and complete information on all production processes, and production scheduling and planning is much easier,”

Distribution has also been streamlined. With the introduction of bar codes, warehouse management and traceability are now much easier, and stocktaking has been improved.

“In our controller functions, we can now trace and analyze deviations,” Żuber said. “This is essential for us. The ability to analyze the relationship between real cost and standard costs in real time is very important in our business. The knowledge of any possible deviations from our standards, and what they are caused by, is very beneficial to us.”

“We are happy that the functionality offered by IFS Applications helps Materne Polska conduct effective operations, resulting in cost reduction," IFS CEE President Marcin Taranek said.

Materne Polska has implemented IFS Financials, IFS Distribution (bar code support), IFS Manufacturing, IFS Human Resources and IFS Payroll. The system currently has 110 users.

Materne Polska Sp. z o.o. (www.materne.pl)

Materne Polska Sp. z o.o. was established in 1992. The company is a subsidiary of Andros, the European leader in fruit processing. Materne Polska is specialized in jam and deep-frozen food production. The company is located in Łopatki near Wąwolnica in Lubelskie region, in the heart of the Polish fruit area, where 80% of the soft fruit are grown. The company is processing 15,000 tons of fruit per year in its plant. State-of-the-art optical food sorting and processing technologies allow the company to meet the highest quality standards. Since 2008, the company has used IFS Applications to support its management processes.

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