11 May 2015 р.

IFS Applications enhances operations at Laem Chabang, Thailand’s busiest port

IFS solution has been deployed to improve process efficiency in core business areas such as financials and fixed assets

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, today announced that Laem Chabang International Terminal (LCIT), the operator of container terminals at Thailand’s busiest international port, has implemented IFS Applications™ to enhance finance-related processes and prepare for future expansion.

The IFS solution enables efficient processing of all financial transactions, offering the finance department complete process overview and control. The solution also ensures the free flow of business-critical data throughout the LCIT organization, promoting speedy access to information and improved decision-making.

“Dealing with a worldwide customer base, it is essential that we keep pace with changes in the global marketplace,” Alpesh A Sharma, Chief Executive Officer said. “From an operations perspective, IFS Applications will help us manage the business more effectively.  Additionally, it will help us improve processing times and reduce errors in our reporting while giving us better access to business-critical information.”

LCIT has implemented a broad spectrum of IFS components, including accounts receivable and payable, ensuring an efficient and automated invoice process, fixed assets, enabling management of the asset inventory, and general ledger, providing real-time information on currency revaluation.

“IFS Applications will enhance the efficiency of LCIT’s accounting processes, thereby improving speed and accuracy of vital business information resulting in more effective management,” IFS Vice President South East Asia Sridharan Arumugam said.  “We look forward to a continuing our support of Laem Chabang International Terminal as they grow their business.”

About Laem Chabang International Terminal

Laem Chabang International Terminal Co., Ltd. was registered on 16th January 1996 under the Civil and Commercial Code of the Kingdom of Thailand. On the 11th of April 1996 the Company was granted a thirty year concession by the Port Authority of Thailand to "Construct, Operate and Manage" Container Terminal B5 at Laem Chabang Port. LCIT was also awarded a thirty year concession to manage and operate the C3 Terminal at Laem Chabang in April 2003 and commenced full operations in September 2004. www.lcit.com.

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