14 April 2016 р.

TC Thomas Consulting selects IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence to visually manage subsidiary businesses

TC Thomas

IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence (IFS EOI) to improve operational transparency throughout the Thomas Group of companies

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that TC Thomas Consulting, part of the German industrial group Thomas Unternehmensgruppe, will implement IFS EOI to achieve a better overview of its operations and to optimize the management of the wide variety of companies within the group.

Initially, TC Thomas Consulting, which manages, controls and supports the individual subsidiaries of the Thomas Group, sought a cockpit solution to improve operational transparency across the group. It recognized quickly that a normal BI solution would not suffice to support its future needs. Therefore, the group searched for an application that could accurately display all enterprise processes and easily relate them to each other. The company also wanted to optimize the planning and management of corporate processes across the group using a "top-down" method, as well as streamline business processes and improve visibility of its risk profile.

IFS EOI will visually deliver contextualized information to support managers in the analysis of current performance and business objectives while enabling group management to plan and prepare for the future more effectively. The solution will also help optimize management workflows as well as contribute to the group’s financial success.

Data from a variety of sources like IFS Applications, CRM solutions, Access databases, and production data captured directly from the machines will be aggregated for analysis and assesment.

”We opted for IFS EOI because it is the most complete, flexible and integrated solution in the market. We were convinced by the IFS EOI concept, which will enable us to map, monitor and manage business strategy and processes coherently across multiple divisions, sites and a fragmented IT landscape,” TC Consulting Head of Administration and IT, Wilfried Zilken, said. “We look forward to getting a complete, instant overview of the entire group, with transparency across all company processes, including individual processes that cannot be standardized. We are convinced that IFS EOI will generate business value by helping us make informed decisions based on real-time data in the context of our corporate performance objectives.”

Peter Höhne, Vice President Sales and Marketing at IFS Europe Central, said, “We are pleased that TC Thomas Consulting has realized the strategic business benefits offered by IFS EOI and has chosen to implement the solution across the entire group. We look forward to rolling out IFS EOI with TC Thomas Consulting and to continue our successful collaboration with the group. After the successful integration of VisionWaves in 2015, IFS EOI extends our solution portfolio.”

IFS EOI enables integrated end-to-end performance management. This allows companies to achieve intelligent business operations by combining data from multiple sources. IFS EOI offers predictive to prescriptive analytics ranging from strategic visual insight down to influencing operational decisions to enable better and faster decision-making. A key differentiator for IFS EOI is its model-centric rather than data-centric architecture.

For more information about IFS EOI, please visit: www.ifsworld.com/en/solutions/enterprise-operational-intelligence/.

About TC Thomas Consulting

Thomas Group is a an globally oriented group of medium-size family businesses with continuous growth and a high degree of flexibility for constantly changing markets. The international distribution of the innovative global brand Lattoflex and the corresponding product range is carried out by Thomas Sitz- und Liegemöbel (TSL). Highly professional sales teams support the specialist dealer network as well as licensees worldwide. In addition they are establishing their own stores to complement the dealer network with direct sales to non-dealer locations to ensure comprehensive coverage. TC Thomas Consulting GmbH, short TC, manages, controls and supports the individual companies of the Thomas Group. It includes, beside the IT department (responsible for maintenance of hardware and software), HR and Financial departments. As corporate support for management, it provides key performance indicators and providestrategic impulses for the group.

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