3 October 2017 р.

Construction firm TGL Group selects IFS Applications 9 to reach 2020 growth targets

In a drive to optimize its performance and to accelerate growth, TGL Group will transform its IT landscape by deploying IFS Applications 9

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that TGL Group, an independant construction and real estate company in the Rhône Alpes region (France), has selected IFS Applications™ 9 to streamline its IT systems and optimize all operational processes.

Founded in 1944 in the Rhône Alpes region of France, TGL Group’s business spans three core areas: construction, real estate and services. With 350 employees, the group has a turnover of €180 million and targets €200 million by 2020. TGL Group is headquartered on the Paris-Nice-Montpellier axis and undertakes various commercial and residential construction and rehabilitation projects. Among the most recent, TGL Group was chosen to design, build and operate Tony Parker’s Arena Park near Lyon. Its delivery is planed for 2020.

Next-generation IT system
To date, TGL Group had relied on a range of specific software solutions to manage its business. These were not effectively connected and so updating multiple solutions required unnecessary work. With the implementation of IFS Applications 9, TGL Group is streamlining its application landscape and will migrate to a single and complete solution. By implementing a leading, industry-focused ERP solution from IFS, not only will TGL Group have a platform that meets both current and future needs, but also a mobility solution that will enable employees to monitor operations whilst on construction sites.

Céline Pomathiod-Carry, TGL Group CEO, commented : “The expertise of our team and our strong experience in building projects has enabled TGL Group to develop unique ‘know-how’ around our three complementary businesses. This allows us to win many prestigious projects. Over the last years, our group has experienced strong growth so in order to support and sustain this growth , it was essential to equip the team with the most powerful IT tools, not only to optimize our strategic business processes, but also to make TGL Group an innovative company with the latest generation of digital tools.”

The comprehensive ERP implementation project encompasses all businesses within TGL Group. The IFS Applications deployment will be conducted in two phases. The first one, which will last twelve months, will support: financials, human ressources, projects and supply chain. The second phase will involve IFS Touch Apps and the deployment of a collaborative portal with GED as well as a procurement portal. The integration will be carried out in partnership with K4-U (Kardol Group).

Christian Robichet, IFS project lead at TGL Group, said : “IFS Applications will allow us to improve our operational efficiency and our productivity thanks to more reliable data, better business visibility, faster decision-making processes and advanced reporting tools. In the long term, we will also have a mobile solution for the registration of timeslots on our construction sites.”

Amor Bekrar, Country Manager for IFS in France, added: “We are delighted to have been selected to support TGL Group in its growth and its digital transformation. We are particularly proud to be the partner of a group that has become a leader in its market and that today wins news projects against the biggest multinationals construction companies thanks to its expertise. IFS Applications will contribute to sustain the development of TGL Group and enable it to achieve its growth targets by 2020 and beyond.”

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