IFS Touch Apps Partner Program

IFS Touch Apps are a series of apps for smartphones and tablets that provide IFS Applications users with access to functions and information within IFS Applications from their device of choice.

Each app consists of an "App resource" that is deployed to IFS Cloud and an "App client" that runs locally on the client device, communicating with the app resource over the internet. IFS customers uplink their existing IFS Applications installation(s) to IFS Cloud in order to leverage IFS Touch Apps.

IFS customers pay for the use of IFS Touch Apps through a yearly IFS Touch Apps subscription with a transaction limit. The subscription allows a customer to use any IFS Touch App, for any licensed user of IFS Applications, for any number of IFS Applications installations until the transaction limit is reached, at which point a new subscription (most likely with a higher limit) is purchased.

The IFS Touch Apps Partner Program is designed as a win-win for partners, IFS customers and IFS. Specifically, the objectives are to:

  • Enable partners to tap into and make a good business from the ecosystem of IFS customers who are connected to IFS Cloud. IFS customers are able to use (and pay for the use of) partner apps under their existing IFS Touch Apps subscription. Partners develop their apps using the IFS Touch Apps Partner SDK and then uploads the resource part to IFS Cloud. Combined, this means that customers do not need to sign any new contracts, nor do any additional technical configuration, to use a partner app. Partners are compensated for a customer's use of a partner app through a revenue sharing model with IFS.
  • Increase the number of apps for IFS Applications, as well as the number of platforms these apps are available on.

Companies interested in joining the IFS Touch Apps Partner Program are encouraged to:

  1. Review apps already available and create your own ideas for what apps you could provide that would be of value to IFS customers.
  2. Contact the local (in country or in-region) IFS organization to get nominated as a partner.
  3. Local IFS organizations will communicate with IFS Touch Apps commercial managers at IFS corporate.
  4. If all are in favor of proceeding, a meeting is scheduled to talk through and discuss the ins and outs of the partner program.
  5. The local IFS organization and the IFS Touch Apps commercial manager will make the final decision of whether a company should be invited to become an IFS Touch Apps partner.
  6. Sign an NDA in order to receive the IFS Touch Apps Partner Agreement.
  7. Review and sign the IFS Touch Apps Partner Agreement
  8. Upon signing the agreement, receive IFS Touch Apps Partner SDK and start building apps.