EVRY is a Nordic IT partner with about 10,000 employees and an annual turnover of close to 13 billion NOK. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange with headquarters in Oslo and with significant operations in the Nordic market. In total, EVRY has some 50 offices in 6 countries and customers around the world.

EVRY is one of the leading IT companies in the Nordics, with 40 years of experience from Nordic IT innovation. This makes the company well positioned to create a better everyday life for its customers – in the Nordic countries and in the rest of the world.

EVRY has extensive links to both large international and national businesses, as well as small and medium-sized local and regional businesses. The company offers the full range of deliveries in the IT services market, and has products and services within outsourcing, solutions, consulting and advisory services. EVRY’s major customer groups are banking and finance, municipalities and government sectors, health, oil and gas, process industries and manufacturing. When it comes to some products and services however, for instance outsourcing, EVRY supports more or less all types of businesses.

EVRY has a strong service and product portfolio, extensive expertise and delivery capacity both locally and regionally, to a solid customer base. With this strong foundation, EVRY works actively to strengthen its Nordic leadership.

EVRY was an early player in the outsourcing market and is now one of the most recognized companies in this business. The company has vast experience and deep knowledge of the different processes connected to outsourcing.

The partnership with IFS Scandinavia has a history of itself: IFS Sweden originally had its own hosting company called At IFS AB. This is currently EVRY One Outsourcing Services Linköping AB, an entity within the EVRY group. Consequently, the connection to IFS is tight, where a high percentage of the employees having worked for IFS.

Culturally, the companies have many similarities too, with a true Scandinavian soul and with strong core values. These days, EVRY and IFS have a number of joint customers where traditionally IFS delivers the application solution services and EVRY the outsourcing related services.

IFS Applications Hosting, All Inclusive

IFS Applications Hosting is EVRY’s global offering of Application Outsourcing services for IFS Applications. 

IFS Applications Hosting is a comprehensive service that includes everything from server centers, IT infrastructure, technical operations, operations and maintenance of IFS Applications, to proactive IFS Applications reporting. 

Services are provided by specialists with many years of experience operating IFS Applications. This makes the services truly unique based on the fact that EVRY has gained 15 years of experience from high-end application operations on the IFS Application platform. EVRY’s way of working close to the customer (obtaining knowledge of the customer’s business and how IFS Applications is used) enables EVRY to provide proactive advice at high quality.

All service components included are customized based on business requirements in order to provide the best performance, right functionality, and access for each individual user and transaction.

IFS Applications Remote 

The operating system and the physical infrastructure are excluded since the customer might choose to place the infrastructure elsewhere than at EVRY (for instance in-house) 

IFS Applications Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery services for the IFS Applications solution, where for instance all production servers specified are installed in two separate IT centers with a minimum of 40 km distance in between.

IFS Applications Analysis

This service starts by EVRY installing a certain monitoring package. Then, EVRY’s application specialist regularly, according to an agreed upon frequency, analyzes the IFS environment on site at the customer. This leads to a report with facts as well as proactive solution suggestions.

IFS Applications Production Control

With this service, EVRY helps the customer monitor, diagnose, and take action on errors in the application and in integrations with other applications. The errors are often business related; for example caused by incorrect data setup. 
Assisting the Application Manager, EVRY identifies the source of error, takes corrective actions, and suggests changes in order to avoid the errors in the future.

IFS Applications Client Performance Services

This service is giving the customer full control and information around the performance of every single client, i.e. if/when/where there is a problem. For instance this gives control over each client authentication, eventual bottlenecks between client and application, and hence faster resolutions of errors. 

IFS Applications Upgrade Services

EVRY has strong and successful experience from upgrade projects; EVRY can assist the customer in various ways in order for them to be able to focus its key personnel on the right tasks. 
EVRY can assist with project management or ditto co-ordination, solution architect work, application expertise, etc.

IFS Applications Solution Support

When using EVRY’s services for application support, the responsibility for supporting the company’s applications is handed over to EVRY. This means that EVRY, by using own competence and/or with the help of IFS’ team, ensures the support of the applications. This lets the customer focus on its core business.

IFS Applications Configuration Services 

EVRY offers configuration services of various kinds; on reports, layouts, custom fields, custom events, etc.

IFS Applications Management

EVRY offers help to the customer setting up the customer’s solution governance, as well as helping to manage that same governance. All in all aiming at helping the customer get as much value as possible from their IT investments.

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