ICB Gets Food and Beverage Traceability from IFS Applications

Intercontinental Brands (ICB), a credible alternative to market leaders in the alcoholic drinks industry, produces 20 million bottles every year at its plant in Middlesbrough. Shipping to countries as diverse as Germany, Nigeria and Hong Kong, the company’s first aim was to establish a single version of the truth by ripping out and replacing a number of disparate, ageing systems. Its investment in IFS Applications has given it room to grow, dispensing with the spreadsheets and filing cabinets for good. One of the most impressive business benefits has been seen in ICB’s technical department, which blends and tests new drinks recipes before signing it off to be bottled. Traceability and control are imperative to its operation, and IFS has revolutionized the way it works. “Through IFS, the lab has had its inventory catalogued and barcoded for the first time,” says ICB's Sarah King. “They used to do weekly stock takes, but they now have full visibility of what stock they have on hand at any given moment. Many of the technical department’s processes have moved from pen and paper to a single system, which means that for the first time all our data is stored in one easy-to-access location, making us infinitely more auditable.”

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