Aviation Software Solutions for Indpendent MROs

Commercial maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) organisations bear the challenge of delivering on the highest quality of service while achieving competitive turnaround times (TAT) and delivering aircraft, engines or other complex assets and component availability to the expectations of their customers within an industry renowned for uncovering the unknown.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) expects airline outsourced MRO spending to increase by 45 percent over the next decade, representing a huge business opportunity for MROs and OEMs who are successful at remaining both competitive and profitable in a global business with finite margins that have seen regional barriers fall with the low price of oil that's increasing airline customer mobility.

To overcome this challenge, you must maximise MRO competitiveness and deliver top- and bottom-line value with evolutionary enterprise software that's designed to streamline your operations, from client opportunity management, through bidding & quoting, visit planning & preparation, executing maintenance to contract, client progress & performance reporting and commercial invoicing.

To stay ahead of the competition and deliver on business objectives, today's MROs will need to:

  • Optimise plan-driven turnaround times
  • Minimise bid and contract contingencies
  • Deliver unrivalled compliance and safety
  • Develop accurate, non-routine estimates
  • Execute real-time production planning and control
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Collaborate with customers and suppliers
  • Comply with industry regulations
  • Identify and manage critical path activities
  • Support complex contracts and part provisioning
  • Manage projects and contract terms in real time
  • Integrate enterprise-wide

IFS provides an unrivalled understanding of market issues with more than 30 years of industry experience. Our aviation software is built on industry standards, so you aren't locked into a proprietary technology, and our flexible, modular architecture helps you to adapt and grow no matter where you are on your journey.

Airframe MRO Services

Deliver dependable, competitive TAT, eliminate work at risk, and incorporate and institutionalize lean processes.

IFS offers a built-for-purpose Airframe MRO solution for Part 145 Service Providers and OEMs, featuring:

  • Enterprise-wide process insight and control
  • Steadfast monitoring of production progress against the plan, quote, and contract
  • More accurate non-routine estimates
  • Workforce resources and maintenance process optimization, with improved parts availability and intelligent procurement
  • Minimized contract contingencies that safeguard critical margins
  • Increased customer service, increased availability with minimized turnaround times

Engine & Complex Assembly MRO Services

Deliver optimized maintenance, improved reliability and enhanced operational efficiency.

IFS offers a solution for Engine and Complex Assembly MRO supporting a number of Tier 1 operators, OEMs and Service Providers, featuring:

  • Enterprise-wide asset management
  • Support for Part 145 and Part M Repair Station processes complete with advanced regulatory and safety compliance functionality
  • Scarce and expensive workforce resources and maintenance process optimization, with better parts availability and smarter procurement
  • Stronger financial performance and improved reliability and maintainability
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and control with improved use of facility capacity
  • Increased customer service, increased availability with minimized turnaround times
  • Support for the Engine Center gates process

Component MRO Services

Deliver optimized turn times, capability and capacity planning, and invoice efficiency.

IFS offers a solution for Component MRO supporting service providers around the globe, featuring:

  • Comprehensive functional scope servicing thousands of mechanical and avionics component types
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and control with improved use of facility capacity
  • Enterprise-wide process visibility and control
  • Workforce resources and maintenance process optimization, with improved parts availability and procurement
  • Increased customer service, increased component availability with minimized turnaround times

What's Next

The future of commercial aviation is digital. Being able to handle today's business challenges is important; shaping what's next is crucial to growth and continued success. For aviation organizations to adapt to a transition in business models and prepare for what's next in the unpredictable market, embracing digital transformation is imperative. IFS's modular architecture supports your transformational journey with innovate solutions that include the IFS IoT Business Connector™ and advanced analytics. IFS helps organizations to leverage the latest technology, preparing them for the future of commercial aviation.

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