Energy & Utilities Overview

IFS offers full cradle-to-grave Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM), Reliability-Centred Maintenance (RCM), contract management, project management and other functionality necessary for:

  • ISO 55000 compliance is of intense interest to power generation and utilities stakeholders.
  • Plant design functionality for a Design, Operate, Maintain (DOM) approach to Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM).
  • Support for linear assets like power lines and pipelines.
  • Support for handling compatible unit handling the planning and installation of new assets.

Industry Excellence

IFS is the only broad Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite vendor whose origins lie in development of an asset-management solution for utilities. Energy and utilities remains an IFS primary segment, with best-practice solutions implemented globally. These include for some of the world’s largest power-generation projects, national-grid corporations, nuclear-power plants and multi-national generation, transmission and distribution companies. Thereby, IFS Applications supports enterprise-asset infrastructures critical to quality of life for millions.

A Leader in the Energy & Utilities Industry



IFS’ deep knowledge and experience of maintenance and facilities management best practices contributed to IFS Applications development from the start.

Our Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), capital projects, services and supply chain management solutions can be applied as stand-alone solutions, integrated with existing corporate systems or as part of a comprehensive IFS Applications deployment.

IFS Applications addresses industry challenges at every phase of the asset lifecycle, including infrastructure planning, development, engineering, construction and commissioning, operations, maintenance and eventual retirement.

Enterprise Asset Management: maximise up-time, minimise lifecycle costs

The only EAM solution fully integrated with financials, human resources and project management capabilities, IFS Applications is a solution for all asset lifecycle phases, and supports predictive maintenance, Reliability Centred Maintenance, Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and Maintenance Repair & Overhaul.

Enterprise Asset Management delivers corporate, multi-site views of operations and maintenance. Collaborative, real-time information sharing helps avoid equipment downtime, extend asset life, reduce service and repair costs and maximise time-to-value.


The energy and utilities industries’ on-going capital construction investments highlight information management issues. Tremendous expense follows from having stove-piped systems for tracking project stages. IFS Applications serves as the system of record – from planning, design and construction to operations and maintenance, furnishing stakeholders with consistent, accurate information.


Integrated supply chain management of procurements, inventory and vendors means better availability of goods and services associated with forecasts of planned and unplanned work. IFS was early in developing capabilities to manage third-party service providers as an integral part of the utility enterprise.

Glitre (previously EB Group) uses IFS Applications

Energiselskapet Buskerud (the EB Group), the energy company, uses IFS Applications to provide an integrated business solution for financials, maintenance, spare parts logistics and human resource management.

Glitre the energy company uses IFS Applications

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