Water Utility Asset Management Software for the Full Asset Lifecycle

Water utilities and the companies that support them as operations contractors are faced with a very conservative environment with regard to capital. Every outlay for maintenance, and certainly new construction or capital expenditures, will face opposition. At the same time, many utilities face ageing infrastructure or rapid development as new areas are urbanised. IFS gives you proven Asset Lifecycle Management software to manage the big picture and world-class maintenance management, field service management and mobile work orders, SCADA compatibility and GIS integration that ensure the small details are captured.

IFS Applications efficiently handles:

  • enterprise asset management of hierarchical, linear and network assets
  • preventive and reactive maintenance
  • project and contract management
  • document management
  • quality management
  • business process management
  • planning (budgeting & forecasting)
  • budget control, operational risk management, operational analysis

Indah Water Konsortium

Going from a multitude of diverse systems to IFS Applications has given Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) increased control of its operations and made it more efficient.  Now the company has a single, integrated suite of component-based ERP software that has been designed for the energy & utilities industry.  Other benefits are improved customer service and enhanced management capabilities. 

Immediately after implementation, the first benefits were seen.  Maintenance and operational procedures improved, with the result that asset utilisation increased and the company is now better able to plan asset replacement and growth.  This in turn, has increased the reliability of IWK’s operations.

Municipal Water and Sewage Company in Wrocław

One of the largest water and sewage industry companies in the country, the company manages over 1800km of water mains and about 1200km of sewer mains.  Since the beginning of 2009, the company’s management has been supported by IFS Applications. Almost a third of the computer terminals at Wrocław MPWiK are connected to the ERP system.

MPWiK is contributing to environment protection with the help of European Union funding.  The company is nearing completion of the “Improving Wrocław water and wastewater management – Stage II” project, worth more than €50m.  Currently, Wrocław MPWiK is developing and upgrading the Janówek Wrocław Wastewater Processing Plant.  This investment will allow all of Wrocław’s wastewater to be directed to one processing plant that meets all EU directive requirements.

Clancy Docwra Ltd

Clancy Docwra Ltd is well established as one of the UK’s leading national construction companies.  It operates principally in the utility, transportation, power and infrastructure sectors.  With offices throughout the UK, from Livingston in Scotland to Longham in the South of England, the company has a strong base in the water sector, as well as a significant presence in the gas, electricity, rail, highways, new build and refurbishment sectors.

Clancy Docwra is running the IFS document management application, plus modules for mobile, finance, procurement, sub-contract, stock inventory, service management, training and development, HR and payroll.  In addition, they have assisted in the development of a plant-hire module, and are also rolling out further project management applications, case management and Risk Management.  Clancy Docwra is realising tangible benefits from using IFS Applications.  These are, primarily, increased job productivity, enhanced visibility, and measurable cost efficiency.

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Executive Summary: Asset Lifecycle Management for Energy and Utilities

IFS Applications for Energy & Utilities encompasses enterprise planning, operations and asset management, combined with capital projects, supply chain and service functionality. The result is an integrated suite, relevant from facilities engineering and construction through operations, maintenance and eventual retirement.

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