IFS Applications for Life Sciences

Process Manufacturing Life Sciences

Managing complex supply chains and traceability requirements effectively is key to quality assurance and brand protection. IFS provides agile ERP software that meets and even anticipates these challenges to provide the competitive edge that assures continued success.

IFS Applications...

  • Manages complex supply chains
  • Allows customers to meet FDA regulations
  • Has fully-integrated document management for handling electronic records and electronic signatures
  • Has fully-integrated plant and equipment maintenance
  • Has an integrated quality management system
  • Handles product lifecycle traceability
  • Has advanced planning and production capabilities

Traceability & Accountability

IFS Applications offers full tracking functionality based on lot/batch and serial number throughout a product’s lifecycle. Companies can trace the manufacturing process for a product after it has been sold and offer customers comprehensive product lifecycle management. Companies are given real-time access to accurate technical data, change orders and other documentation for individual devices and products, radically improving the accountability stipulated in FDA regulations for maintaining device history records (DHR) and device master records (DMR). The result is easier service and support as well as enhanced customer relationships. IFS provides transparent touch points for all who are involved in a customer relationship, supporting business proposals and decisions in every interaction. The flexibility guaranteed by the component architecture of IFS Applications makes it easier to tailor customer relationship management solutions that fit the needs of individual enterprises.

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