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The Public Sector is in a constant state of change and delivering business IT solutions into this sector presents a number of unique challenges:

  • Inherent policy direction changes every 5 years
  • Unpredictability of user future requirements
  • Longer term investment competing with social demands
  • Size, complexity and breadth of ‘business’
  • Robust regulatory impact with new regulations, new constraints and new ways of doing business
  • Difficulty in measuring ROI

These challenges have caused Central Government, Departments and Agencies and not least programme directors much angst over many years. There have been many examples of success but also many headline examples of where the challenges have overcome Government IT projects.

But there are alternative approaches available that address many of these challenges by offering agility through a combination of breadth of functionality, a modular but secure architecture and providing a lower risk route to a whole enterprise solution when required and as requirements mature.

IFS is a global enterprise software vendor and a leading supplier of Asset Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Key here is that IFS Applications™ is a component-based offering with a modular approach to meet targeted or emerging organisational requirements. This breadth of capability is available as a full suite ERP or as a range of different business solutions in isolation but with a logical and low risk growth path.

The IFS component-based approach removes risk from government programmes:

  • Public Sector organisations only need to purchase the functionality to meet their current requirements
  • Organisations have a route to a full enterprise solution if and when needed, as their requirements evolve
  • Supports government’s staged approvals processes and minimises early risk/early commitment in long, complex programmes
  • Open architecture and no vendor lock-in allows IFS to co-exist easily with legacy and other vendor systems
  • Robust, market leading, mobile architecture and solutions maximises workforce efficiency and reduces implementation risk
  • Implementation timescales, total cost of ownership, maintenance and reliance on consulting services to make changes is vastly

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IFS Finance/Purchasing

  • Comprehensive, easy to use financial accounting system
  • Reduces procurement costs through consolidation and management of suppliers
  • Improves budgeting and control
  • Provides a consolidated overview and drill down analysis of financial data
  • Reduces month and year end close times by automating aggregation of information

IFS Time Recording

  • Reduces administrative costs by modernising the time recording function
  • Ensures adherence to legal requirements through automatic comparison with work time compliance rules
  • Simplifies scheduling by the use of user definable schedules and rules – flexi time, periodic overtime etc.
  • Addresses attendance issues early through the use of alerts and actions
  • Empowers employees by giving them access to self-service confirmation and absence management

IFS Service & Facilities Management

  • Improves quality and reduces costs through a structured work execution process
  • Reduces planning resources required through the use of automated scheduling
  • Increases user acceptance through simple and intuitive mobile processes
  • Reduces time to invoice through streamlined processes
  • Optimises invoice efficiency by using image capture technology against jobs

IFS Project

  • Ensures efficient and effective project management to reduce and control project costs
  • Allows faster and easier project planning and review
  • Integrates with the IFS Enterprise Asset Management for further efficiencies throughout the life cycle
  • Provides improved support for project-based operations – integrated business

IFS Order Fulfilment & Stock Control

  • Increases efficiencies and reduces costs due to consistent and clear business processes
  • Shortens order lead times through seamless integration of demand to supply (back to back order management)
  • Leads to reduced inventory levels & increased customer service levels
  • Improves stock availability promising – leading to improved customer service

IFS Scheduling

  • Optimises utilisation of workforce to meet business priorities at reduced cost
  • Increases the number of jobs per day completed
  • Manages Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance
  • Reduces the need for costly travel time and overtime
  • Increased efficiencies and customer service through comprehensive planning

IFS Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

  • Efficiently manages all enterprise assets reducing costs and increasing efficiency
  • Provides live, coherent information across the enterprise
  • Ensures job prioritisation is managed effectively
  • Standardises maintenance processes resulting in higher efficiency and increased quality

IFS Expense Management

  • Overall reduction in cost and time to administer the expenses function
  • Improves authorisation timescales and increases efficiency
  • Automatic calculation of travel allowances, taxation and deductions – saves time
  • Reduces input and coding errors through user definable expense codes
  • Save time by entering expenses on the move through the IFS Trip Tracker app on mobile devices


  • Improves customer services whilst reducing costs
  • One common, centralised data source for all types of business contacts provides the business with consistent information across all entities (a 360 degree view)
  • Automatically monitors outstanding tasks and activities and provides automatic reminders to complete actions
  • Full visibility of outstanding activities and requests leading to more effective management of time

IFS Document Management

  • Reduces the overall cost of managing documentation of all types
  • Ensures access to the most up-to-date information
  • Allows effective management of document exchanges with subcontractors and third parties
  • Integrates with MS Outlook to effectively manage correspondence from both internal and external sources
  • Supports regulatory compliance

Product Overview

IFS Applications includes financials, human resources, quality management, document management, customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence, sustainability management and other core functionality to facilitate full lifecycle management of products, assets, customers, projects and more.

Product Overview

Business Benefits

  • Fast, demonstrable Return On Investment (ROI) and lower total cost of ownership than traditional suppliers
  • Optimises cost control across all business processes with Financial and HR processes fully integrated across the enterprise
  • Provides a breadth of capability available as a full ERP suite or as a range of discrete business solutions
  • Allows a logical and low risk growth path to suit the organisation’s budget
  • Provides choice of and support for simple or complex processes in a single solution
  • Real-time budget visibility and management
  • Enterprise-wide, comprehensive reporting and analysis
  • Increases the efficiency of your organisation