Engage Everyone with IFS Aurena

Rolling out a new application in your company can only succeed if everyone in your business is engaged and users are motivated and productive. This leads to better informed decision-making and outstanding customer service.

In IFS Applications 10, we introduce IFS Aurena, our most important investment in the user interface to date. It is built on state of the art technology, made to engage the user, connect peers through-out the organization and make work more fun and intuitive. Engaging everyone though a well-designed, intuitive user experience improves productivity, speeds up decision-making and facilitates easier rollouts. IFS Aurena is a user interface your people will love.

Responsive by design

To make sure IFS Applications works on your terms – and the devices you like to use – it is designed to be responsive in ways not normally associated with business applications. IFS Aurena is task and objective focused and built to be responsive and browser based for phones, tablets, and desktops. This truly responsive web application supports new interaction patterns that better mimic the way we are used to working with software and connect to all parts of the business.




IFS Lobby

IFS Lobby is enhanced further with a new analytics integration and context panel, empowering a larger group of people to build or tailor the functionality to fit their needs. 
By offering solutions that can be tailored to your staff’s individual needs using simple drag-and-drop functions, you are giving employees the freedom to decide how to best solve the tasks assigned to them. In the end, an investment in usability is an investment in your people.

IFS Applications 10: your connection to what's next

Brochure IFS Applications
IFS Applications provides one complete solution for customers around the world who manufacture and distribute goods, maintain assets and manager service-focused operations.


Infographic: 10 things about IFS Applications 10

Infographic IFS Applications 10
Embrace change and connect to the future with IFS Applications. View the infographic to learn the 10 things about IFS Applications that make it possible.