Predictive Analytics Software for Field Service Management

The IFS What-If Scenario Explorer (IFS WISE) is an advanced predictive modelling software tool that helps you examine multiple future resourcing scenarios. IFS WISE puts the power of the IFS Dynamic Scheduling Engine (IFS DSE) to work, helping your strategic team explore different scenarios, more quickly and more accurately than ever before.

This advanced predictive analytics tool provides answers to tough questions like how a reduction or increase of workforce will affect performance, or what number of resources is necessary to achieve specified performance against specified demand. For instance, if you’re bidding for a new service contract, how many additional resources will you need?  IFS WISE can tell you how many, what type of staff, and where they should ideally be based.  IFS WISE is delivered through the familiar scheduling workbench user interface for ease of use.

  • Predict KPI results using investigations that are modelled after real-life scenarios
  • Explore different scenarios using multiple data sets from within IFS Planning & Scheduling Optimisation or imported files 
  • Calculate how many staff you require to meet a specified set of KPIs
  • Assess the impact of taking on or losing staff on your KPIs
  • Stress-test your organisation against the workload for busy days, holiday periods, weekends and so on.

  • Dynamically manage your field service business: keep one step ahead of events; avoid nasty surprises
  • Plan and forecast staff levels: ensure you don’t have too many or too few
  • Identify training needs required to meet expected demand

Executive Summary: IFS What-If Scenario Explorer

The IFS ARP integrates with the IFS Dynamic Scheduling Engine to optimise activities by providing functionality to model longer-term work.

Need field service software that adjusts to changes in your business?

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