Route Optimisation Software for Real Time Workforce Management

Our route optimisation software quickly determines the travel time and distance between jobs. With our route planning software you can deliver a truly scalable real-time response based on geographic coordinates, i.e. latitude and longitude location references. This means that our route optimisation software can handle logistics for any part of the world where road network data exists. The highest degree of travel accuracy is therefore achieved for all calculations, as our route management software takes into account one-way streets, bridges over waterways, congestion zones and more.

  • Very fast look-up of travel times between locations for fast, accurate scheduling
  • Uses road network data including constraints like one-way streets and dual-lane highways, but can also be created for rail or travel on foot
  • Allows for different speed settings according to a vehicle’s type
  • Can incorporate travel profiles that allow longer travel times at certain times of the day and days of the week.
  • Takes temporary road closures into account
  • Schedules automatically updated based on the progress of a resource on their journey to their next job, so one resource being stuck in a traffic jam will not jeopardise customer service

  • Enables the Dynamic Scheduling Engine to consider more solutions in a given time period
  • Allows for a mix of mobile resources using different travel modes
  • Provides the ability to easily globalize your field service optimization processes
  • Offers customers more accurate arrival times

White paper: Simple Route Planning vs. Schedule Optimisation

The business of getting from A to B when you are a field technician is more complicated than you think. Is your scheduling and travel optimised to provide the most efficient service to your customers?

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