Fundamentals of IFS Project

IFS Project, Project Delivery, and Project Reporting are tools used to organize and plan projects, relate bills of materials to projects and drive production, and charge time or costs to a project. This course familiarizes you with all the basic aspects of IFS Project Management. It gives you the basis for deciding whether and how IFS Project, Project Delivery, and/or Project Reporting should be used in your business.


This course is intended for mid-level management, project managers, or engineers, and core team members. It also applies to key users involved with project setup or analysis.


This course has no prerequisites. However, it is helpful if participants are familiar with basic IFS navigation. A background in project development and management is also helpful.


4 days


At the end of the course, participants will thoroughly understand advanced IFS Project functionality. They will know how to create projects, add overall project information, develop subprojects and activities, develop cost information for activities, relate activities to other IFS objects, and approve and release a project. They will learn how to create delivery projects, add items to create a project bill of materials (BOM), evaluate project costs, calculate the project requirements, and create requests for project items. Participants will also learn the necessary setup for project reporting and pricing, and how to create project transactions through reporting time and costs.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Create projects.
  • Assign overall project details, such as customer information, sites, and milestones
  • Create a project plan consisting of subprojects and activities
  • Develop costs for the project
  • Develop and use project resources
  • Register project connections (tasks, document packages, and material demands)
  • Approve project and release activities
  • Create delivery projects
  • Add bills of materials to the project
  • Evaluate project item costs
  • Calculate part requirements for the project
  • Create requests for project items
  • Handle changes to project requirements or dates
  • Set up internal and sales pricing for project reporting transactions
  • Assign pricing to project activities
  • Report time and cost to project activities
  • Review results in Project

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