IFS Constraint-Based Scheduling

The course provides a foundation for using the powerful functionality of IFS Constraint-Based Scheduling (CBS) to create, maintain, and improve a shop-floor schedule. Participants will learn how to use the interactive client to perform strategic what-if simulations, and how to detect, analyze, and solve day-to-day scheduling problems. Participants are encouraged to bring examples of their common scheduling problems to see how standard or modified CBS functionality can be used to solve them.


This course is primarily for planners and personnel who enter customer orders.


It is assumed that participants have a working knowledge of the IFS Manufacturing and Distribution functions. Completion of the Make-to-Order or Make-to-Stock courses is recommended.


5 days


This course includes in-depth discussions and exercises covering all aspects of IFS Constraint-Based Scheduling.

Topics include:

  • How to use the interactive scheduling client to view, schedule, and modify shop orders; perform manual drag-and-drop scheduling; and detect and solve scheduling problems.
  • How to improve the schedule using different dispatch rules, modify shop order priorities, use the sequencing wizard or manual drag-and-drop sequencing, and perform interactive what-if simulations.
  • How to modify scheduling default parameters such as scheduling horizon, sequencing horizon, and the priority adjustment factor.
  • How CBS deals with active shop orders when performing shop order cancelling, parking, receiving, closing, and reporting.
  • How CBS deals with dynamic order processing (DOP) orders when creating and releasing a manual DOP header or a DOP structure created from a customer order.
  • How to obtain more accurate delivery dates using CBS' capable-to-promise functionality from a customer sales quotation line or customer order line.
  • How to make shop floor events take effect in the schedule by using resource breaks and importing work orders.

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