IFS Field Service Management Advanced Customization with Studio

The purpose of this class is to provide you with advanced level knowledge and techniques for creating a highly customized IFS Field Service Management solution. The course content will include advanced custom business processes and custom server-side and client side coding in C# .NET.


Software Developer(s)


The successful attendee will have attended the IFS Field Service Management Customization with Studio class. After having attended the class the attendees must have spent at a minimum of 60 days successfully writing customizations with the Studio tool. Attendees should be a successful C# .NET and Visual Studio developer. Experience with unstructured XML and compositing database queries is required. This class is taught in a workshop format; students are encouraged to come to class with design documents to UI and process modifications that are planned as part of their application implementation. The student(s) will leave class with projects completed as practical.


Latest released version unless otherwise noted.


3 Days


$5,090 per attendee

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