IFS Field Service Management – Installation and Upgrade Administration

The purpose of this course is to provide you with the information required to perform installations and upgrade for the IFS Field Service Management software. The course will review the server architecture overview, database installation / upgrade, database cleanup / migration, base software installation / upgrade processes, report installation, review of the IFS Field Service Management Application Parameter configuration, servicer configuration, file editing, customization installation and troubleshooting issues.


Prior to class the client should have all components of the application downloaded. It is required to have all necessary access / permissions to affect installation in the environment (system administration access). The database needs to be installed and ready for use. Also, the client should have completed the pre-installation checklist and that needs to be sent 48 hours prior to class attendance.


Latest released version unless otherwise noted.


4 hour block session – On-line


$2,435 per scheduled session with up to 4 attendees


See training coordinator; this course is provided per client and not scheduled in a multi-client class format due to server / client specific requirements.

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