IFS Quality Management

This course gives you a detailed view of IFS functionality for the detection and prevention of quality problems. Also included is the proactive approach to process improvements using data-based decisions in a closed-loop quality system.


This course is intended for quality professionals (e.g., managers, engineers, inspectors, technicians, and 6-Sigma green and black belts), manufacturing, and design engineers.




Latest released version unless otherwise noted


3 days


This course demonstrates how to fully use the material inspection functionality at purchase order receipt, the material review board (MRB) during production, and the data collection and analysis capabilities throughout the system. Unless otherwise noted, this class will be based on the latest version of IFS Applications.

Topics include:

  • Basic data setup for inspection, scrap, MRB, and split shop order codes
  • Purchase order (PO) receive cases and QA inventory locations
  • Registering inspection results at PO receipt
  • Accepting, scrapping, and returning material to a supplier at PO receipt
  • Part availability controls and W/D/R numbers
  • Establishing an MRB process using IFS and ISO 9000 requirements
  • Creating an MRB with production shop orders
  • Disposing MRB nonconforming material
  • MRB for split shop orders
  • Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) for design and processes
  • Control plan development and maintenance for data collection and quality analysis
  • Creating analysis results for data collection
  • Graphical analysis using statistical process control (SPC) charts and capability indices
  • Feeding SPC information back to the FMEA to continue the quality loop

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