Why the oil and gas industry needs enterprise mobility and how to get it with IFS Applications™

IFS Applications™ is the enterprise suite of choice for the upstream oil and gas industry, and is committed to helping Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractors, drilling contractors, oilfield services companies and other suppliers to the industry realize all of the advantages that enterprise mobility has to offer. IFS Applications is the number one enterprise asset management (EAM) software suite in the oil and gas industry, per ARC Advisory Group, and is used widely in the industry for everything from financials to inventory to project management and beyond. For most oil & gas companies, projects are the cornerstone of their business. Managing projects of various sizes and complexity is often the key to success.

However companies still struggle with fragmented business solutions that lack integration, making the projects more difficult to manage and follow up. The situation faced by the EPC contractor is even more challenging because recording work as it is performed can oftentimes not be done until well after the fact. This means that, frankly, work is often not recorded or is recorded inaccurately. And front office personnel cannot determine what is going on with a project in real time, which slows down the ability to execute against a project plan. For more information, view our Enterprise Mobility in the Oil and Gas Industry Executive Summary.

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