Intelligent Digital Assistants

We want to pave the way for new methods to increase productivity. Looking at various developments in the consumer market, the use of intelligent autonomous digital assistants could greatly increase interaction with a business application.

Whether controlled by voice or an intuitive chat interface, IFS Labs believes the next generation human-computer interaction for business applications requires a different approach. IFS hopes to leverage artificial intelligence with these bots to get there.

Recently, IFS announced a private preview program for the IFS Aurena Bot. It lets you interact with IFS Applications to perform simple but effective dialogues such as “Call in sick” or “Update a CRM activity.”

Beyond the regular product development, focusing on adding dialogues and completing the IFS Aurena Bot, we will keep on researching and prototyping additional enhancements to the digital assistant such as speech interaction, enriched artificial intelligence capabilities, computer image processing and/or surfacing the bot inside wearables such as Microsoft HoloLens.

To read more on the IFS Aurena Bot, check our blog: Chatting with IFS Applications is as easy as with friend.