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Aerospace and Defense Engine Line Maintenance

The IFS Line Maintenance solution supports minor, unscheduled or scheduled maintenance carried out on an asset (aircraft, vehicle or similar) primarily resulting from an unforeseen event at the point where the asset is loaded, unloaded or serviced. Scheduled checks that contain servicing and/or inspections that do not require specialized training, equipment, or facilities are also covered by this solution. The solution can be applied to the maintenance of air, land or sea assets.

IFS Line maintenance supports all activities carried out whilst the asset remains in an operating environment and is substantially fit to operations subject to specific, relatively straightforward, rectification tasks.

IFS Line Maintenance fully integrates with capabilities provided by the Fleet and Asset Management Solution and Supply Chain Management solution from IFS and can work with IFS Service Management to support the associated ground support equipment (GSE) used to carry out work, such as electrical carts, hydraulic mules, work stands and lifts.

Solutions Capabilities

Run Task Calculations

The Task Calculation process in IFS Applications enables the planner to decide whether a task can be performed as part of vehicle turnaround and then assigns the maintenance activity to a specific time slot within the daily operations for execution.

Plan, Schedule, Execute Maintenance

Maintenance organizations can utilize IFS Applications to effectively and efficiently plan, schedule and execute all line maintenance activities. Typical activities include the identification of maintenance, the distribution of tasks to technicians, the preparation of material, tools and facilities, the physical execution of the work order and recording of work done.

Maintain Serial Structure

Any changes to the serial structure of an asset are recording in IFS Applications. During this process IFS manages the status accounting of the configuration of the asset, the generation of serviceability tags and the creation of CRS documentation along with the operational condition of the asset.

Manage Unscheduled Maintenance

This activity is used to report a failure or fault for a vehicle or serial. Failures and faults can occur during an operation or during the maintenance of a vehicle or serial. Unscheduled maintenance also includes task requirements as a result of condition maintenance activities or on-board HUMS system task generation.

Maintenance Control

The maintenance control process supports maintenance controllers to manage in-services issues and deferral requests. This activity includes the maintenance of technical records, the co-ordination of line maintenance field teams and management of activities related to major incidents in accordance with the relevant Maintenance Organization Exposition requirements.

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