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Put your customers in control with voice and digital self-service

Technology has transformed the way people interact with service; no longer do customers expect to wait in call queues to speak to someone about their queries. Consumers and business customers alike expect to have the freedom and the tools to track their orders, resolve their problems and view the information they care about, themselves.

IFS’s pioneering natural language processing module, intelligentResponse, is enabling service centers to offer the self-service options customers demand, while identifying and relieving agents of the burden of repetitive time-consuming tasks. Uniquely, the module can identify where human assistance is required, connect to the best skilled advisor to deal with the request, and equip this advisor with the specific customer knowledge to deliver smart, rapid service.

From virtual assistants, chatbots, knowledge bases and dynamic FAQs to automated calls, email and chat, IFS can deliver the optimum self-service solution for your business.

Empower consumers with service on the move

IFS Customer Engagement™ (CE) chatbots and virtual assistants provide immediate answers to customer queries and automate a wide variety of requests, whether the customer contact is on the phone, online or via a mobile device. Gone are the days of having to repeat yourself multiple times or rephrasing your question to suit the bot. Automation uses natural language processing to deliver an informed, relevant, multi-stage conversation and process a plethora of service tasks, such as account changes, returns, refunds, orders and appointment times. If conversation becomes complex, the customer is seamlessly transferred to the best-skilled advisor to resolve the request.

Organizations are rushing to catch up and deploy chatbots but it is essential that their deployment delivers true value and can resolve the requests your customer may pose. At IFS, we take the time to work through your support requirements and ensure that you get the most out of your chatbot solution. We also integrate the channel into your contact center so that your customer service team doesn’t miss a thing!

Infographic: How to measure your chatbot’s performance

Equip your customers and agents with accurate answers, whatever the channel.

Customers demand an accurate response to their queries, first time and without delay. Meanwhile agents waste valuable time searching for relevant, up-to-date information from different databases, manuals and even other agents.

IFS Customer Engagement™ (CE) provides extensive knowledge management, which can be delivered to customers, agents, field technicians, communities or partners, by our self-service knowledge base software. Knowledge articles can be shared via websites, portals, apps and social forums using keyword search functionality to assist the customer, while diverting calls away from the contact center. Where customers contact via chat, email or chatbot, relevant knowledge content can be proactively delivered via automation. Relevancy indicators in the agent application help improve the speed of resolution for customers and encourage the use of best practice. Flexible publication controls enable users to add new content and share best practice inside and outside of the organization.

Transform service desk productivity with the latest in voice automation

IFS Customer Engagement’s voice self-service provides a simple, cost-effective solution to deliver the immediate and responsive service that today’s customer requires. It is a cloud-based subscription service that can be rapidly deployed to overlay any existing call center, service desk and CRM technology with minimal disruption.

Combining the latest in voice biometrics, speech recognition, transactional IVR, text to speech and speech recognition, voice self-service relieves call centers of repetitive queries while delivering immediate service for customers. Requests may range from changing appointment times or cancellations to checking stock availability, authorizing purchase orders or requesting replacement parts.

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Transform service desk productivity with the latest in digital automation

Whether B2B or B2C, customers today demand real-time visibility of their services. Let your customers dictate their preferred channel; with IFS Customer Engagement’s digital self-service you can deliver a range of online self-service options from online portals, FAQs or ‘Contact Us’ to smart phone apps and virtual agents. Self-service options use our pioneering natural language processing module to enable multi-stage conversations and ensure delivery of faster, more accurate responses and processing.

Too many self-service options fail to deliver what customers need because they are conceived in isolation from the contact center. Our technology solutions not only offer immediate self-service but also seamlessly hand off to agents, making available the complete context behind each interaction and all relevant customer data.

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