Full Suite Tablet ERP & EAM Applications

For most software vendors and users, tablet ERP is a far-off dream. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or other complementary tools may be accessible on a tablet or other touch screen device, but not a full enterprise resource planning (ERP) or enterprise asset management (EAM) suite. IFS Applications with its default interface, IFS Enterprise Explorer, is touch-friendly, so sophisticated executive users who need the full capabilities and complete functional coverage of the IFS Applications suite can perform wide ranging enterprise computing tasks on their tablet of choice.

Tablet ERP benefits

  • Tablets can be used for information consumption and information creation
  • Tablet-enabled access to the full suite of IFS Applications functionality
  • The ‘always-on’ capability increases speed of access to vital business information

Benefits for the business

  • Increased usage and engagement means greater benefit from investment in enterprise software
  • Satisfy executive-level demand for tablet computing

IFS Enterprise Explorer with tablet form factor, in combination with functionality such as Custom Fields and Information Cards, lets you navigate and consume business information with a touch experience — just as you explore the Internet from your slate at home.

By making IFS Enterprise Explorer touch-friendly, mobile users who need the full capabilities and complete functional coverage of IFS Applications can now fully benefit from pads and slates while being on the move. 

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IFS Applications voor Enterprise Asset Management

Asset management - waar het allemaal mee begon. Het is onze basis. Al meer dan 25 jaar verfijnen we onze kennis en technology op dit gebied. En hier zijn we enorm trots op.

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